Angel Photo Frames

Angels are considered as divine beings that protect human beings from any harm. They are said to guide people through their troubled times and herald the good times in the form of happiness, joy, peace, abundance, prosperity, wealth, etc. Through the ages they have been considered God’s mystical beings that shelter humankind.

Since, the symbolism of angels is considered to be a sacred one, people use it on various objects and sell such merchandise. This includes the angel photo frames. In fact these frames are gifted to people when they are starting something new like a business venture or shifting to a new home. They are even presented to a newly wedded couple, or a couple who have just had their first baby. Basically, these frames are gifted as a sign of good luck.

Some angel photo frames are created for specific occasions as the carving of the angel placed on the frame is said to play varied roles. For instance, there are considered to be angels of good health; prosperity; bliss; peace; those that drive away negative forces; those that herald positive energy; those that bless healthy relationships, etc. Based on the reason for gifting one usually picks up a symbolic frame.

While some angel photo frames maybe created with specific symbolism in mind, there are those that are created in general. So to speak, there is no specific reason attached as it can be given generally to a loved one or friend. These frames are usually made in soothing colors and made from ceramic.

People generally place pictures of someone who has departed, parents, grandparents; a wedding snap or a photograph of the baby or children. Of then it is used to house photographs of those living in a distant place, as many feel that the angels on the frame would protect the one whose picture is placed in the frame.