Baby Photo Frames

One of the most beautiful moments in a couple’s life is the birth of the baby. And as soon as the baby is born most of the other photo frames go into the loft to make way for baby photo frames. Some couples are so excited about their first born that they decorate the entire house with these photo frames.

What is so unique about the baby photo frames? Well, they are designed differently from others. The theme is of babyhood, fun, innocence, nurturing, development and other aspects that relate to babyhood. These frames are generally in lighter colors such as yellow, pink and lighter shades of blue and green. They are decorated with bows and ribbons and lace and other objects associated with babies.

For baby girls the frames are generally in pink and yellow, and for the boys they are in lighter shades of shades of blue and green. These frames can be hung on the wall or then placed on the tables and shelves. Apart from the colorful acrylic and ceramic frames, there are the silver ones that are generally gifted to new parents.

Many pregnant ladies create their own baby photo frames during their pregnancy term, in fact apart from photo frames they also spend time decorating pillow covers and bed sheets, knitting tiny socks and sweaters, etc. As far the photo frames are concerned they pick up plain acrylic, wood or ceramic frames and paint them in colors that they feel would bring out the joy of motherhood.

In fact some mother prepare a series of frames representing the various growing stages for the baby. For instance, a series could be to frame pictures that include:

  • The first day after birth
  • The first feed
  • The homecoming
  • The first time the baby sits
  • The first time the baby crawls
  • The first tooth
  • The first step

Or then, the series could be month wise, like the first month, until the first year after birth is completed. It is all about how one wishes to showcase and preserve the special baby moments.