Custom Photo Frames

Apart from the ready made frames available at varied gifts and retail shops, you could avail of custom photo frames from frame merchants who take orders. These frame-manufacturing units usually have an in-house designer or consultant who helps customers create their own frame. They would suggest the material and size in accordance to the type of picture and the interiors.

It is important to consider the interiors of the room in which the frame is to be placed. The factors to be kept in mind include the color of the walls and the furniture. If the room is already cluttered with a lot of furniture, a large frame will only add to the crowding and a small one would be lost. In this case the designer would recommend a fancy medium sized one.

Apart from photo frames for the residence, people also do up their offices and other commercial premises with paintings or other posters being exhibited. For instance, a Doctor is required to have his or her certifications framed so that one is sure that they are visiting some one appropriately qualified. In this case, the doctor could get custom photo frames within which the certificate would fit perfectly, and yet it should go with the interiors of the clinic. Generally, a carved wooden frame is used in such cases. And it should not be bulky.

Restaurant and hotels usually use large photo frames that are not available off the rack, as it would not be feasible for the retailer to make such an investment. So, in this case interior designers and interior architects have the freedom to design custom photo frames according to the d├ęcor they plan for the commercial premises. Since, the space provided to them is larger in comparison to the residential spaces, they can work on large size frames that will compliment the masterpiece that has to be placed in the frame.