Glass Photo Frames

The most exclusive type of photo frames are the glass photo frames. They are also relatively heavier than the wooden, plastic and acrylic ones. This is because they are generally made from thick sheets of glass that could also be regarded as blocks of glass. However, they do look beautiful wherever they are placed, adding to the beauty f the interiors as well as adding value to the picture.

Glass photo frames are usually designed with a stand to be placed on the table, shelves or mantle place. However, if you do want a picture frame of glass for the wall then you can place an order and have one made to your specifications. These are not readily available as the frames are delicate and any kind of accidental wreckage is expensive for the dealer.

Some glass photo frames are treated with lead oxide to give it a shine similar to that of crystals. This is because the original crystal frames could be rather expensive, so at a reasonably lower rate, people can purchase a replica with almost the same sparkle.

These frames could be made from transparent glass or then frosted or what is known as smoked glass. The glass frame is generally chiseled from a single slab of glass with a plywood or cardboard backing and transparent glass cover. Instead of a plain glass frame, there are those treated to varied colors and shades. There are also the stained glass frames that make fine decorative pieces carrying valuable pictures.