Magnetic Photo Frames

The magnetic photo frames are usually placed on a metallic base. These photo frames could be made of almost any material, be it metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, acrylic. Glass or just simply laminated. What makes this frame different from the others is the general size and it’s backing.

As the name goes magnetic photo frames have a piece of magnet at the back. Thus, it can be stuck on metallic surfaces, without falling off. These frames are usually rather small, and generally people prefer those that carry passport size photographs.

As most homemakers spend maximum amount of their time in the kitchen they place magnetic photo frames of their loved ones on the refrigerator door and other surfaces that can attract magnets. If not photos of family member, then they place magnetic pictures of fruits and vegetable to make the kitchen look attractive.

Apart from that the photo frames with a magnet back can be used to put up reminders. For instance, many people put up their list of what needs to be done on the refrigerator. They do so by placing the sheet of paper between the door of the fridge and the magnetic frame. In this way they can place a new reminder everyday without requiring a notice board as such. Another place where this can be used for the same purpose is on the steel cupboard or cabinet.

These photo frames can also be made at home. You could use and base such as cardboard, plywood, glass, metal, etc. paste the picture of photograph on one side and cover it with transparent plastic so that it is protected from any kind of damage. On the other side you can stick a piece of magnet with an adhesive and then place it wherever you wish to.