Metal Photo Frames

Off all materials from which photo frames are created, metal is the sturdiest and strongest. And is also said to be the most expensive, no matter which metal maybe used. Metal photo frames are usually crafted from metals such as bronze, silver, iron, steel, copper, brass and wrought iron.

Because of their weight, these photo frames are usually available in smaller sizes that can be used as decorative pieces on shelves, centre-tables, study desk, etc. The smaller ones can also be hung on the walls. In fact people pick up a series of small metal photo frames for the wall, rather than one or two large ones. This is because the larger ones would be too expensive and far too bulky for the wall.

One unique aspect of the metal photo frames is that they can be polished to create various finishes that would suit the picture placed in it. For instance for a black-and-white photograph you could use an oxidized silver frame or a brass frame with antique polish. This will enhance the age of the photograph.

Another unique type of metal photo frames is the family tree. Basically these are showpieces meant for the mantle place. The entire frame is in the shape of a tree and at the end of each branch is a small frame in which a passport size photograph of a family member can be placed. You can purchase a tree with branches in accordance to the number of family members. Usually for larger families, people place a couple’s picture with their child or children, as these are usually available with four, six or eight frames.

Since these frames are generally more expensive than other frames and are considered as valuables by many, it is an ideal gift to present on a special occasion. People generally give frames made from silver, bronze, brass and wrought iron on occasions like a wedding, birth of a child, a celebration in case of a major achievement, etc.