Personalized Photo Frames

Personalised photo frames can be used as per requirement. Basically, these frames are made to customised shape and mouldings. Most frame makers have samples of the basic mouldings for the frame from which a customer is required to select one. These samples include the plastic and wooden ones, as well as those made from other materials.

To give you a better idea of what your personalised photo frames would look like, most frame manufacturers put up a corner section of the frame for show, along with a panel. Some people have frames designed with fancy corners and ordinary panels. For instance, the sides of the frame could be of a simple wooden mould and the corners could be made from carved metal.

Personalised photo frames are ordered as gifts, either by individuals or corporate houses. They place an order according to their needs. In the case of a wedding gift, some people have a frame ordered in a say a heart shape with the couple’s names and wedding date embossed. In the case of corporate gifts, the company would probably place an order for frames in the color scheme that represents the company logo, with the logo printed over it.

Even if you are not looking out for a personalised picture frame to be given as gift, you could have one designed for your own specific needs. Most frame manufacturers have an in-house designer or consultant who will help you design a frame or series of frames in accordance to your interior d├ęcor and the picture or photograph you intend placing.