Photo Frames Manufacturers

Most photo frames manufacturers set up their own retail and wholesale units, as not all types of frames can be made and kept for sale. The manufacturers keep a couple of samples of readymade frames along with moulds of the varied framing material. This is in the case of custom made frames.

However there is a different segment of photo frames manufacturers who produce frames that are sold as novelty or gift items. These frames are generally of common sizes that are based on the sizes in which photographs are generally processed. So one could avail of fancy photo frames that are small enough for passport size photographs and big enough for the standard poster sized ones.

As each country has a particular style that identifies its culture and traditions there are photo frames manufacturers who specialize in what is known as handicraft frames. These are specially designed with motif in varied forms that represent a places culture and tradition. Tourists usually purchase these as souvenirs for friends and relatives back home.

There is no standardization as far as photo frames costing is concerned. This is because the cost of the raw material varies on the basis of the quality and supply. Another aspect is the cost of labor, which is primarily dependent on the kind of frames being manufactured. Thus, when approaching manufacturers, one will get varied price list. What is required in in-depth market research to ensure optimum quality and reasonable pricing.

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