Silver Photo Frames

In the range of metal frames, the sterling silver ones are the most expensive, but then again it depends on the size. Obviously the smaller ones are comparatively more reasonable than the larger ones. But then irrespective of size, silver photo frames are a pleasant gift to be received on a special occasion.

In fact in India, it is a tradition to give a gift made from silver during occasions such as weddings and childbirth. While parents of the bride and groom give them expensive gifts like a silver tea set or dinner set, or idols of the goddess and goddesses sculptured from this precious metal, the friends and relatives would probably give a frame carved from silver. Similarly when a child is born someone or the other would present the family with a silver photo frame.

As sterling silver is the purest form of silver, frames from this form of the precious metal are more expensive than the other alloys. If one finds the solid silver photo frames beyond their budget then they can opt from range of silver plated photo frames. In the case of this the frame is actually made from wood and is covered with a sheet of silver.

To give an antique feel some silver photo frames are treated with oxidation, thus giving one the option of oxidized silver frames. Nowadays, one could avail of a large variety of frames made from silver in terms of the sizes and designs. Some are intrinsically carved with semi-precious stones placed on them. There are also frames that have patterns embossed. You could also have a personal message embossed for a friend or loved one.

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