Talking Photo Frames

The talking photo frames is a novelty item that has been created in the world of photo frames. These include the musical photo frames. Basically these frames are usually made from plastic or acrylic. They are meant for the tables, shelves or mantle and cannot be hung on the wall.

So to speak the talking photo frames has a devise with a mini-chip that has a pre-recoded message. This message can be heard when one presses a particular button. However, the latest in this item are those that get activated when one either claps or clicks their fingers in front of the frame. Theses frames enthrall most children. In fact there are the talking frames that have a sculpture of an animal and the recording of the animal’s sounds.

Apart from those for children, there are large number of frames that talk or have music recordings with messages to loved ones. This becomes a unique Valentines Day gift to express one’s love to the other. Apart from the standard pre-recoded messages, one could also purchase those in which they can record personal messages in their own voice. These frames basically operate with the use of a mini-recording and playing devise, so one can change the message as per requirement.

These frames can be sent to near and dear ones living in a distant place. Maybe you could send a talking photo frames of your newly born baby to a close friend who could not visit you during childbirth. The frame could have a recording of a baby crying or laughing. And in the frame you could place a picture or collage of pictures of your baby.