Wedding Photo Frames

A lot of people carry their wedding picture in their wallet, so that they could remove it and have a look at their spouse at any point, whether in transit or while paying the bill somewhere or then while sitting through a boring meeting. Well, that is the purpose of a photograph, to see it when you remember the person or occasion.

Well, apart from carrying the wedding picture around, people place wedding photo frames on their office desk, as well as at home. On the lighter side, many people say that men and women keep wedding photo frames on their office desks to remind them that they are married especially when meeting attractive colleagues and clients. This aside, the picture frame just makes them feel closer to their spouse.

At home the wedding photo frames need not just carry pictures of the wedded couple, but also those of their near and ear ones. In fact most parents keep a photo of their child’s wedding day on the mantle. They place it in a fancy silver picture frame. They would also place a larger frame on the wall containing a picture of the entire family together on the wedding day.

Most people prefer metal or ceramic wedding photo frames. This is because the ceramic ones are available in varied designs and patterns, some of which also play around the theme of marriage, carrying a miniature sculpture of a couple in their wedding outfits. The metal ones are used, as most say the wedding is a priceless event in a person’s life so placing the pictures in expensive frames enhances the value of this bond.