Western Photo Frames

Western photo frames are generally made from wood. One can identify the difference between other metal frames and the western ones based on the kind of carving done on the frames. These are usually more bulky and have carvings that are taken from nature. This implies that they have carvings of plants and flowers; birds and animals.

Some of the most expensive photo frames are those that are carved to represent various eras, depending on the painting. A large number of European and American homes would have a painting of one of the their oldest ancestors who was probably caught on canvas and this portrait would be framed in a elaborate and exclusive wooden picture frame.

The archaic western picture frame is generally found in households of descendants of previous royalty. In the case of those who hail from say the family of King Henry the Fifth then in the drawing room you would find a portrait of the king in the midst of other family members of that era.

Western photo frames so to speak are not just limited to western countries. In the British heritage homes and buildings of India, one can still find such elaborate photo frames carrying a portrait or photograph of some important personality.

Today, these frames are usually put up in large commercial premises not only because of their price, but also size. The smaller frames of this type usually do not bring out the beauty of the carving, as a heavy and larger plank is required. And then small sizes of such frames would just hide the picture placed in them. So larger spaces and people with larger budgets usually put up these frames.

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