Wooden Photo Frames

For those who enjoy woodcarving as a hobby, making wooden photo frames is not a very difficult task. In fact it calls for creativity and not too much labor work, as compared to other pieces of furniture.

Wooden photo frames can be the simple ones that are made by putting together the four sides of the frame and then placing it on a sheet of ply. In case you intend covering the picture with sheet of glass in order to protect it from any form of harm or damage, then you need to attach it to the frame. You also need to place either screw hangers or a piece of string with which the frame can be hung. Alternatively you could fix a stand so that it could be placed on a table. Before finally, placing the frame you will need to polish it or paint it in accordance to the colour you desire.

However, if you want to create something fancy, then maybe you could carve something fancy out of the panels. You could also paint the frame in varied colours, maybe creating certain patterns or designs, or imprint a message to someone. After completing the basic framework, what you add onto it is completely based on the flow of your creative juices. There are absolutely no dos and don’ts.

You could create wooden photo frames for memorable and special postcards you received. It could be made for photos, posters, drawings, as borders for windows, doors, etc. They may be given away as a memento or gift. Well, if placed wisely the frames can bring beauty and serenity to your surroundings.

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